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Our Method

Ten Dimensions, One Goal

The LC's practical-yet-powerful platform to drive change, is rooted in ten specific dimensions of a great leader — what we call Evolved Leadership. These are the qualities that aren't always prioritized, and often diminished, in today's business culture.

Through rich inspiration and active learning, we engage teams and individuals in new understanding of these attributes and create opportunity to build upon their own leadership practice.

The topics below* are the lenses through which we "grow great leaders" (our mission!), offering connection and inspiration. We facilitate deep learning through a variety of learning models, to suit both teams and individuals.

*Hover over the blocks for more information and inspiration behind each Evolved Leadership dimension. (Dotted border = topic still in development.)

Generative Leadership

An old idea for a new time, rooted in a long-term view. 
We explore actively sharing power and accountability, while centering in a caring spirit of learning and adaption.

Fostering Bravery

An expansion of the meaning of strength in the form of bravery and an understanding that better managing our stress and fear responses helps us to chart a new way forward.

to Listen

An opportunity to tap into empathy in order to become more active, curious listeners — and an invitation to earn listenership for yourself, as an evolved leader.


A misunderstood leadership resource that uniquely builds team trust and creativity as it generates profound growth. Learn what true collaboration  requires, and build a practice of radical candor anchored in care.

Redefining Power

A shift in thinking that fundamentally reframes power and how its held, while moving to a spirit of abundance versus scarcity. Put your privilege to work and celebrate alt power with intention.

Unlocking Compassion

A rich understanding of the need to build a practice of compassion, starting by educating the heart — and giving leaders the tools to unlock it for themselves, as well as their teams.

in Trust

An invitation to build new practices around the critical leadership quality of relational trust. Better understand the “trust triangle” (authenticity, logic, and empathy) and learn to actively build a culture of belonging.

a Builder

A rich and full view of what it means to be transformative and embrace constructivism as a leader. Find the courage to drive cultural change and actively build cultures of belonging and facilitate learning instead of directing it.


Expanding our notions of what finding balance really means in today’s world, we step into greater agency for ourselves. We’ll examine the “tyranny of time,” shifting our mindset as we introduce new tools to holistically and proactively manage our busy lives.


A deeper look at the unexpected foundational leadership quality of joy, unique in its power as a force multiplier. Together, we’ll learn to actively cultivate joy and build a culture of well-being  through the lens of finding meaning, creating generous connection, and bringing in awe.

Looking for more?

Whether to better understand our method above, or to learn more about our
 offerings for teams and individuals, we look forward to beginning the conversation!

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