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Cultivating Joy

Cultivating Joy

what we study

We'll understand joy as a key building block for meaning in our lives, and examine why joy has largely gone missing in the workplace, exploring the profound impact this can have on ‘good business.’ 

As we explore the cultivation of joy through well being, we’ll apply practice within the ‘joy equation’ of awe, acceptance, and generous connection. We’ll step up to our ‘responsibility’ to awe, tap meaning from the ancient Romans and Stoic philosophy, and come to understand 'collective effervescence' as a key to joy, ultimately embracing joy as something to live versus learn.

A deeper look at the unexpected foundational leadership quality of joy, unique in its power as a force multiplier. We’ll learn to actively cultivate joy and build a culture of well-being through the lens of finding meaning, creating generous connection, and tapping into awe.

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