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Kelli Hoyt

Executive Content Director

Kelli brings extensive experience and passion for information design to the LC, along with her own evolved leadership journey in the challenging field of information technology. With an undergrad and Master’s Degree in education, her years as both a teacher in the states and abroad helped shape her current delight in the art of inviting and inspirational idea delivery.

Kelli relishes the transformation of raw material into beautiful, accessible, heart- and mind-shifting content. Her experience with the US Peace Corps and a brief stint with the US State Department nurtured a growing interest in facilitation and training for adults experiencing dramatic and powerful cultural growth, lighting a fire beneath her call to worldwide citizenship. After a dozen years overseas, Kelli lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon with her family, just ten blocks from her identical twin sister Kerri.

Kelli believes that good people are the center of any great company, and investing in them is a top priority. This value makes all the difference. She brings the heart and joy to any team and helps you to do the same.

- Bridget Prendergast (via LinkedIn)

Kelli Hoyt
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