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Kerri Hoyt-Pack


Drawing from a thirty-year career in the business world of advertising, brand marketing and communications, Kerri's extensive and lauded experience in leading teams, investing in individuals, and sparking new thinking provides a foundation with which she can offer a unique and seasoned perspective. Kerri is a proud mom to two amazing young women and mentor to many.

As one of the drivers behind the launch of NikeWomen and former Board Member of the OregonFood Bank, Kerri has personally seen how community can change lives around the world. Her skills are strongest in creating great strategy, building solid teams, and designing change-making group experiences.

Kerri is everything you want and need in a leader. Her vision and ability to rally a team is incredible, she inspires passion and commitment from everyone around her. Everything she does is from the heart, and you really feel that as someone working with her.

- Emma Thornton (via LinkedIn)

Kerri Hoyt-Pack
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