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Team Workshops

Spanning one-half to two full days, we tailor our workshops to fit your team’s needs.

No matter the format, we design these IRL group experiences around three key goals:

  • Build interpersonal trust and connections, meeting people where they are with intention and care

  • Create immediate and sustaining positive impact on individual leaders and team culture that is both authentic and positively disarming

  • Generate a powerful collective “opening,” that allows for a rich and rare opportunity to continue to learn and grow, together.  

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How it Works

We anchor every experience in story-led grounded theory that supports Evolved Leadership practices. While we work through the lens of ten specific dimensions, every workshop is crafted uniquely to your team.



up to 50

1/2 to 2 days


We have flexibility to travel to you! (pending availability and resource) Depending on group size, we'd also love to host you at The Liberty Collective in Portland, OR.

We specialize in facilitating “people-first” in-person team workshops that both inspire and engage.

Team Workshop Offerings

Available Workshops

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Our work with the LC offered an alternative future to the traditional work headspace, one that truly celebrates individual diversity, enhances personal performance, and builds a true sense of team.

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