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Welcome to Evolved Leadership

Through fresh inspiration and a singular engagement model, we help to create new understanding and build human-centered practices around ten pivotal attributes. These often misunderstood leadership qualities are paramount in driving positive change in today’s complex social and business climate, yet they are often neglected or actively diminished. We turn that around, giving people compelling opportunities to learn, practice, and model these critical leadership traits. 

How it Works

We engage through a unique story-based methodology and transform with experiences engineered to expand thinking and ignite personal growth.

We work with both teams and individuals to embrace and cultivate the so-called “soft skills” of leadership, in ourselves and in our workplace communities, ultimately creating a stronger culture of care and belonging.  

Offering high-impact leadership development for teams & individuals


we grow great leaders


This was so valuable as both an individual and as a team. This was one of the most meaningful ways I’ve connected with a group of coworkers through deliberate practice. We had the opportunity to connect on a deeper level and get to know one another without it feeling forced.

We believe in a diverse, intersectional commitment to leadership development.

We’re growing great leaders
through inspiration and engagement.

We’ve listened and we’ve learned, and we're committed to positive change.

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