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Better understand vulnerability as a leadership strength and explore the major difference between using vulnerability and BEING vulnerable.

  • Dive into vulnerability loops, and how they can build authentic connection.

  • With lessons from the Uncanny Valley, strengthen your leadership, and foster collaboration in your organizations.

  • Learn about the compound impact of vulnerability.



Kerri Hoyt Pack

With a thirty-year career in brand marketing and a passion for sparking new thinking, Kerri Hoyt-Pack offers a uniquely seasoned perspective, and a generative, hope-filled view of leadership and work culture. As one of the drivers behind the launch of NikeWomen, former Board Chair of the Oregon Food Bank, and breast cancer survivor, Kerri knows personally the power of community to change (and save!) lives. Today she’s the founding leader behind The Liberty Collective, an organization dedicated to growing great leaders through a uniquely collaborative and experiential learning model. Kerri thrives on building inclusive teams and designing inspiring, growth-minded experiences.

Kerri Hoyt Pack
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