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The most powerful endorsement we could ask for are the words and feelings of individuals and organizations with whom we've worked. Built over time and through shared experience, we're grateful for these relationships and are looking forward to widening and deepening our partnerships. Join us in this important work, and embark on a "new way of growing culture-shifting leaders."

Personal Commitment, Deep Expertise

"I urge the C suite across all businesses to take an honest look in the mirror and across the company’s ethos, then have a vulnerable conversation with Kerri and The Liberty Collective to learn more about it’s diversity focused vision and methods. As companies build and re-build in these trying times, committing to sustaining an equity driven leadership team is the most important work any business can do today.  And no one is better poised to partner with you in this journey than the LC."

Marni Beardsley

"The LC offers a beautiful and inspired model of the 'new' way of growing culture-shifting leaders. It also demonstrates how courageous, bold action coupled with mindful attention and thought can lead to the evolution of innovative, forward-focused models of transformative leadership development."

Julia Matakis

"Kerri is an incredible force of nature. Her keen instincts and skillful approaches help you forge a clear path to success for any challenge you are facing, no matter how complex! She draws upon her deep expertise, gained by fearlessly leading at some of the most impressive consumer brands, to unlock potential that you never even knew you had. I leave each session feeling inspired, empowered and unstoppable!" 

Betsy Utley

"Being part of The Liberty Collective has been one of the most enriching experiences for me. Kerri has the ability of creating the perfect learning environment where, through a nurturing approach of knowledge and insights, it allows us to identify and develop our inner leader. This leadership is real, human, and makes you aware that if one succeeds, we all succeed." 

Elisa Garcia

"Kerri truly believes in human potential, in every individual. She stands up for what she believes and demonstrates in her own way to speak up and make positive and important changes. I admire her inner strength and the ability to influence, I also admire her being so caring and empathetic to others."

Coco Xie

"Kerri is truly a one in a million leader whom I’ve had both the pleasure and honor to not only work with, but be mentored by. In my own journey into people leadership, her counsel and guidance has been crucial and has helped me through challenges I otherwise would have had no idea how to approach. When I learned that Kerri was embarking on starting The Liberty Collective, I couldn’t have imagined a more powerful way for her to bring to life the leadership principles I had been so fortunate to learn from her over the years."

Ron Forrester

"At a big moment of uncertainty in my career, The Liberty Collective community swooped in and helped guide me to the next phase with confidence and grace.  It is clear that it is time we pave the way for more compassionate leadership and The LC is giving us to the tools to be those leaders."

Tieneke Pavesic

"Thank you for such a wonderful session. Everything was urgent this week and nothing could wait, but I thought — no —  I’m going and everything can wait, and I am so glad I did. What a great session. You kept thanking us, but thank you, that 2.5 hours gave me more energy than I have felt all week."

Kate Schmude

"In addition to being a smart, passionate, creative and kind leader, Kerri is a gifted storyteller. While on a leadership retreat with her in Panama, I sat in rapt attention as Kerri shared engaging stories – of her personal history, of stories from women she met along her global journey, of the wisdom gained from voraciously reading her favorite authors – all meant to inspire the women in the room to not be limited by the stories others create about us, but rather, to create our own narratives. If you have the chance to spend quality time with Kerri, whether on a retreat or even just over a cup of coffee, please do. It’ll be time well spent."

Trish Adams

"There isn’t a magic leadership formula, everyone is unique and therefore every leader is different … but sessions like the one with The Liberty Collective help you shape your leadership style by hearing from the best, most inclusive and innovative people in the industry. More than ever, I think it’s important to create a culture of sharing best-practices so it can benefit everyone, this is why The LC mission is very important. When it comes to leadership, competition shouldn’t be a thing, we’re all playing in the same team as we’re all part of the same society and ultimately trying to make the workplace (and the world by extension) a better place."

Quentin Dereims

"After joining her team,  I quickly learned from Kerri —not just through her words, but more importantly, through her actions. She demonstrated the truth that if you authentically value and care for people first, whether it is your work team or your consumers, only positivity will follow. I’ve tried to reflect this truth throughout my career, and I can absolutely say with certainty that my relationship with Kerri has made me a better worker, manager, leader and person. "

Shannon Joyner

"Like a lot of women who have had to navigate lines-crossed and inequities in the workplace, I've been a participant + supporter of the LC from day one. The LC didn’t just draw from a west coast network or even just from the U.S. — they spent a year traveling the world on a listening tour, digging deep into realities and common threads that weave through business cultures around the globe. Gaining these invaluable insights provided further insight into the urgent need for change."

Marni Beardsley

"Kerri and The Liberty Collective embody the best in leadership and mentorship. Inclusivity, listening to everyone’s voice, and challenging ourselves every day to grow as leaders both personally and in the work we do in the professions we’re engaged in. I cannot recommend strongly enough Kerri and the work her and her team does. It will change the way you think about leadership, and help you to build better teams, processes, products, or whatever it is you and your teams endeavor to achieve. "

Ron Forrester

"We had heard about Kerri's venture and her support of women entrepreneurs and within the first 5 minutes of meeting her, was aware that Kerri's wisdom and practice would not only shape our new business's mission & values, but give us direction into the type of leadership and inclusion we had longed for in our professional pasts and aspire to create for our future. Kerri creates a safe space to be honest while giving the coaching necessary to find the answer you were looking for through structured guidance. Extremely grateful for her mentorship and can't wait to see the continued effects The Liberty Collective will have on businesses and leaders alike!"

Beth & Paris

"Kerri is one of those leaders that truly leads by example and by her natural honesty, transparency, and having a pulse on the team around knowing when to be strong — but also showing vulnerability. This creates an atmosphere of trust and partnership with her teams that I only have witnessed on a few occasions in my career. She’s one of those that makes you go further and push yourself harder... _Kerri has had a huge impact in my leadership style. Today she is more than a mentor and has become a great friend that I know I can always count on."

Gustavo Viana

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