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Erika Verfaillie

Executive Operations Director

Shortly after Kerri started the organization in early 2018, Erika joined Kerri in LC leadership, forged together by a passion to change business culture while venturing around the world — as well as in life! (Erika has held a 50+ year position as Kerri and Kelli's big sister.) After a business degree that led to a successful advertising career, Erika continued as a consultant, providing strategic leadership and project management for many clients.

Erika ultimately made the decision to take on the critical role of managing her extended family before recently joining Kerri back in business. She has a son and daughter whom have just launched into adulthood. Erika lives on the Puget Sound in Washington State and commutes regularly to Portland for work with The LC.

A Massive THANK YOU to the team at The LC for being inspiring, motivating, caring, guiding, and so passionate about improving the lives of others.

- session participant, winter 2021

Erika Verfaillie
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