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Session 3

Shifting Power

Shift from a narrative of scarcity, to one of abundance. Step into a fundamentally different way of being and chart a course for growth by mapping a personal growth quadrant.


Map a personal leadership commitment to specific actions and outcomes.
Use the LC template, or create your own.

  • Determine ONE leadership commitment that you want to personally make for yourself — and others!

  • Select an area of focus that is purpose-led.

  • Consider how YOUR behaviors and actions can inspire your team to also grow and evolve.

  • Remember! It's not about centering yourself as a leader, but rather — following the center.

  • For this commitment, write four related quadrant growth statements, using the lens of each growth quadrant to guide you. (See quadrant graphic.)

  • Consider YOUR behaviors and actions, 
and how you will lead for your team's behaviors and actions. 

  • Prepare to Share

  • Looking forward to walking through your thinking in our next session.

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