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Session 1

Holding Power

Consciously build your Power Pack — a journey of shifting power for yourself and others (above, below, around you).


  • What does your Power Pack look like?

  • What are you bringing?

    virtues, skills, experiences, practices, etc - every ounce counts!

  • How will you carry it?
    Can you share the weight?
    Can you set it down?
    What needs adjusting?
    What is your rest step?
    What’s your version of a set of trekking poles?

  • What will you leave behind?
    e.g. fear, inability to say no, doubt, etc

  • Create your prep list in any way that resonates for YOU.
    (free-form journal entry, packing list,
    labeled visual, infographic, etc.)

  • Be prepared to share in our next session

OPTIONAL - one or both!

  • CONSIDER: When have you experienced a shift in perspective that invited you to "confront your discomfort" or your own implicit bias?

Key Content

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