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Leadership Charter 6


Setting Forth

Move forward with compassion and appreciation, finding "beauty and potential" in yourself and others.


Step 1

Land your strategic plan
  • Refine your growth quadrant commitment(s) where/if needed. Ensure you have specific and tangible action-based shifts reflected.

  • Consider if there are 1-2 additional commitments you might add, that would help you lift to your purpose. If so, articulate and run them through the quadrants as well.

Step 2

Figure out what resonates from the four avenues for "finding beauty and potential"
  • How will you follow "true north"?

    • What is the way you will make space and create traction against your goals?

  • What is a specific practice you will create to further inspire and lift your people?

    • Is it language, structured 1x1 time, increased intention x presence?

  • How are you helping your team find flow?

    • How can you create more space for them? Are there ways to better distribute responsibility (and power?) How are you "architecting for small wins?"

  • Have you gotten singular on your "one thing?"

    • How are you creating focused energy around your purpose? Is it in what you are reading, watching, asking, giving?

Step 3

Land your Leadership Charter
  • Create a one page summary of this work.

    • State your purpose and commitment(s)

    • Declare specific actions

    • Consider other key learnings and actions from your study of autonomy, mastery, and purpose

    • Create a milestone timeline

  • Make it inspiring and shareable!

    • Use key visuals and/or quotes that have personal meaning

    • Plan to share it with others and ask for their accountability partnership

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Teresa Amabile, Steven Kramer


Brian Johnson


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