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Holistic Balance 1


Finitude and Magnitude

We explored a holistic look at balance — work, life, and otherwise — and new ways to think about time.


Step 1

Confetti Opportunity

Gain a sense of Time Affluence and reframe your view of time.

Counter TIME CONFETTI with an OPPORTUNITY list. 

  • Literally make a list. 

    • What small-sized nuggets of meaningful activities can you put at your fingertips?

  • Don’t overthink this! Use the system that works for you.

    • Likely best if it’s one you already use, but don’t overlook the power of the aesthetic, if that’s your thing.

Step 2

100 Blocks

Visualize your day, in a new way.

Better UNDERSTAND your PRIORITIES by more closely examining your days. 

  • Print out the provided grid

  • Map a recent day

    • Each block = 10 minutes

    • Do this in the way that works for you… Colored pencils, categorized by color? Digital on your phone?

  • Remember, Understand, Reflect

    • Reference the questions and the reframing prompts, to help you think about your 100 blocks.

Download PDF • 5KB



For Whom the Alarm Clock Tolls

with Dr. Laurie Santos (Happiness Lab podcast)

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