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Grounding in Trust 3


It's Got to Be Real

Bringing trust 'full circle.' we finished on the node of AUTHENTICITY. We explored the idea of Congruent Leadership, and learned about showing up inauthentically (conscious or unconsciously), as well as retreating from our authentic selves out of fear. We learned about the vital need for Cultures of Belonging, and necessary steps to move toward this imperative.



Ask for Feedback

Potential questions to share with your team, to help you get started on being “inclusive on purpose”:

  • Do you feel like you belong here? Why or why not?

  • What there a time when you felt included? What fostered that?

  • Was there a time when more could have been done to make you feel included? How?

  • Do you have specific ideas on how to create a more inclusive environment in this team?

    • What commitments are needed?

    • What needs to change?

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