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Finding North 5


Leading with Purpose

We continued our exploration of how a more generative commitment can focus our growth as leaders. We also learned, through the story of JFK and Clare Booth Luce, how important grounding our life in singular purpose can be.


Draft Your 'One Sentence'

  • How might you sum up (in a simple but meaningful way) your personal impact on the world?

    • Remember the two dimensions of purpose:

      • stable and far-reaching

      • contributes to the world

    • Examples from our discussion:

      • He invited a nation to think about what they could do for their country.

      • She taught two generations of children to read.

      • He raised four kids who became happy and healthy adults.

      • They cared for every person who walked through their door, regardless of whether they could pay.

  • To inform this process, consider sending a note to at least three people whom you think will be (lovingly) honest with you, asking them to answer the following questions:

    • When (and how) am I
at my best as a leader?

    • In what area(s) would
you like to see me grow?

    • What’s the most important
thing that you think I offer the world?

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