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Finding North 4


Growth Mindset

We explored how encouraging autonomous cultures through growth-mindset framing is key for thriving workplaces, for ourselves and for those we lead.


Challenge Yourself

How can you directly support a growth mindset and a healthy, autonomous culture?

  • Make space for your team to stretch during the goal-setting process. 

    • People might surprise you with higher aims than what you have in mind.

  • Asset frame where you can!

    • In setting challenges and/or correcting course, start with positive language.

  • Ask what’s working — and what’s not. Ask what they need most to grow.

  • Hold (and stick to!) office hours.

    • Allot a certain amount of time per month (or quarter). Let your team know this time is for them, and that they can book up to (X) amount of time. (Use Calendly or another tool to make it easy for both of you.)

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