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Finding North 2


Lifting with Vulnerability

We looked at how authentic vulnerability is critical for building a healthy, engaged team culture, and explored the idea of "embracing discomfort" and “strategic underachievement,” to help others (and yourself!) grow.


Part 1

Apply an Oblique Strategy

  • Download the app (see link in the "Go Deeper" section below), and do a pull.

    • (Do it again. And again, if you’d like!)

  • Make an internal note of what this sparks in you. What “uncomfortable enlargement” could you step into with this prompt?

    • Journal, create, or just contemplate... prepare to share in our next session.

Part 2

Embrace (Some) Strategic Underachievement

  • What can you proactively choose NOT to do?

    • Make a "To Don't" List.

    • Share as you’d like in our next session.

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