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Finding North 1


The Generative Path

We aligned around two key goals:
• Seek clarity for ourselves and “elevate our consciousness” as leaders.
• Increase our “thrivability” — for ourselves, and ultimately others.


Consider... & Make a List

  1. What do you want LESS of in your world?

    • Feel free to include what’s in your personal sphere…

    • AND (perhaps) what you want "less of" at work.

  2. Take the step of inverting your list. What is the opposite or antidote to the thing you want LESS of?

    • This is your new “More” list.

    • What can you add to this? What else do you want to experience MORE of in your universe of work/life?

  3. Select three of your “MORES” that feel especially vital or important

    • Please share when we get back together.


Create a reminder in a way that resonates.


  • collage-style art, either physical or digital

  • freeform draw on a sticky note

  • write a captivating sentence

Key Content Gallery

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