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Active Listening 3


Earning Listenership

We learned about the importance of story in our own quest to earn listernship, and stepped into the key power of active and constructive listening, backed up by "I Statements."


1. What's your "A/C" scenario?

Play out a real world example, from work or home life.

  • Start your role-play story in any quadrant, and then complete the others, to help reinforce your understanding of Active & Constructive listening. 

  • Bonus! - Teach this quadrant to someone else.

2. Practice your "I Statements"

This can be harder than it looks to really sound authentic. Begin in a place of positive intent!

  • Remember, it’s a muscle. It will get stronger with practice!

  • It may help to reword a recent reply of yours that didn’t go so well. Actually write it down and rewrite, using the frame!

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