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Session 5

Charting the Course

We'll put it all together, and focus on landing your Leadership Charter. We'll explore shifting consciousness in our role as leader, and how the lense of a quadrant model can help us hone in on growth.


Step 1

Write your overarching commitments

  • Always anchoring in your purpose, what are three to five overarching commitments within your leadership platform?

  • These should inspire followership and create the kind of impact that is important to you.

  • Remember! It's not about centering yourself as a leader, but rather — following the center.

Step 2

For each commitment, write your related quadrant growth statements.

  • Use the lens of each growth quadrant to guide you.

  • Consider YOUR behaviors and actions,
    and how you will lead for your team's behaviors and actions.

  • Create your own, or use our template.


Key Content

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