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Session 1

Mapping the Journey

Charting a personally congruent course for leading and living, with intention at the heart and growth in the mind. We'll excavate, explore, and engage together, as you consider your "call to meaning." 



1. Personal response

Pick at least two of the prompt below, and, with an open mind and heart, consider your response. When you are ready, journal in any way that feels right to you.

  • What, in life, do you want more of? 
Less of?

  • What’s important enough for you to stand tall for? (AKA, “fight” for)

  • How do you hope to be living in three years?
    In thirty?

  • What are you afraid of?

  • What are you proud of?

  • Whose life and career do you admire?  Why? Pick a couple; you don’t have to know them personally!

2. Prepare to share

Plan to share back whatever you are comfortable with, in our next session.



1. Send a note to at least three people whom you think will be lovingly honest with you.

Ask them...

  • When (and how?) am I at my best as a leader?

  • In what area(s) would you like to 
see me grow?

  • What’s the most important thing 
that you think I offer the world?

2. Prepare to share

Plan to share back responses (whatever you are comfortable with!) in our next session.

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