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Session 2

This week, it's all about "Human Being" versus "Human Doing"

Remember, the "absorb is what enables the squeeze."
Just like a sponge you need a rest state to fill back up.

  • Consider where and how you can incorporate active "rest states" into your work days.


The three models discussed:

  1. Be ​PHYSICALLY ACTIVE but with an open "free flow" mind. That power walk can be a mental bubble bath.

  2. Remember you can also be MENTALLY ACTIVE in a rest state by just letting your mind wander and just... daydream! (A wonderful source for creativity, but different than rumination... you may want to incorporate some focused breathing, to stay centered.)

  3. You can also "go blank" and do "nothing," by staring at the wall for example. This can be a few moments of a FOCUSED PAUSE, which can do wonders.

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