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Session 7

Big Finish & Going Forward

Leverage your authentic power, through a personal plan for action. Together, we explored how to move forward from all of your hard work, and with positive intention, map your way to what's next. Learn too, how "messy" the middle can be, and the importance of both endurance and optimization, as you strive for thriving.

Key Content


Note: We'll share a Keynote template with you via email. To view and download the examples and instruction slides on this page, see "View & Download" link (next to "Key Content.")

Part A - Personal Growth Map

Map it Out

Using all of your work throughout Brand of Me, including your journaling, create an easy-to-share one sheet, confidently declaring who you are now, as well as positively and proactively looking toward what's next.  

Personal Growth Map.png

Part B - Personal Growth Quadrant

Define Your Facets of Strength

Create a powerful, shareable one-sheet, declaring what you know, what you do best, your experience, and your attributes. 

Go Deeper


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