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Session 6

Brand Trinity Wrap Up, & Understanding Positioning

Checking in on your statements of mission, purpose, and vision; exploring the art of positioning.


Part A — Positioning

1. First step — focus on the niche

Think about the unique impact you bring.

2. Explore what you stand for

Go deep on "what the world needs" from you.

3. Find alchemy

Try on different combos of words to land your "secret agent password,' a memorable positioning statement in the form of a personal mantra.

A great positioning statement...

  • is unique and differentiating

  • has inherent tension in the words, creating something new

  • paints a picture of what sets you apart, and appeals to a specific niche

Part B — Portfolio Check In

1. Let's walk it through, together.

An opportunity to look at your portfolio next week in draft state... we can work through any outstanding pieces to finalize!

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