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Session 5

Landing the Brand Trinity

Pulling from all of your explorations, craft your what, why, and where — statements of mission, purpose, and vision.


Brand Trinity

1. Draft your Mission Statement

Your core focus / contributing role.

  • Consider both work — and life

  • Think “making a life” vs 
“making a living.”

  • Create a clear statement of what you uniquely offer. 
“What you do best”

  • Remember — it doesn’t have to be “all fancy pants”

2. Draft your Purpose Statement

Your "reason for being."

  • Make it inspiring

  • Make it brief

  • Have a “role” and an outcome

  • Strike a balance “between aspiration and precision”

2. Draft your Vision Statement

Your "audacious goal" for the future.

  • Big/exciting/compelling

  • Synthesized into a single point 
of clarity

  • Personally congruent/meaningful

  • Rely on your keywords to guide you

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