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Session 4

The Brand Trinity

Clearly articulating what you do, why you do it, and where you are going is a key aspect of this strategic personal brand foundation. Leading with intention requires a deep understanding of all three: your Mission, Purpose, and Vision. This session we'll "warm up" by doing some more exploratory journaling. Enjoy the process and go where it takes you!


Brand Trinity

1. Personal response

Answer as many of the questions from the list below as you can, in as much detail as feels right.

  • What inspires you and why?

  • Who influences your work and why?

  • To whom would you like to be an inspiration? Why?

  • Who and what deserves your time?

  • What would your dearest friend and/or partners say “tops the list” of your natural gifts, talents, strengths, and abilities?

  • What are you motivated by, fascinated by, and passionate about?

  • If you could achieve only one thing in the next year, what would that be? Why is this goal important to you? 

  • How can you best contribute to your community? 

  • What change are you trying to create?

2. Prepare to share

  • Please share the highlights of what you explored and uncovered through this journaling in our next session.


Defining your Vision
What will your contribution be?

1. Scan your letter

  • Read back through your letter from the future. Notice words that jump out as important.

Go with your gut here and don’t overthink it. What resonates and carries energy for you? 

2. Highlight your chosen words

Underline, old-school highlighter, digital markup...
whatever feels right!

3. Prepare to share

  • Be ready to share how this went. Share as much of the outcome as you'd like!

Key Content

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