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Session 3

Exploring Your Values,
Defining Your Vision

Gain a "sense of equilibrium" in the now, as well as a compass to move forward, as you investigate your personal core values. Then, proactively consider the road ahead; write with gratitude for how far you've come, as well as with anticipation and intention for what's to come.


Core Value Discovery

To get started, click to download this Values Pack PDF, which contains all of the files needed for this section:

1. Explore Your Values

  • Spend time with the VALUES LIST, noticing the words that resonate the most, as a reflection of your guiding beliefs.

  • As a word clicks with you, circle it. Don't overthink it!

  • Feeling a word that's not on the list? Add it!

2. Group Similar Values

  • Transfer the circled words to the GROUP AND IDENTIFY TABLE, grouping like items as you go, in any way that makes sense to you.

  • Create a maximum of five groupings.
    Have more than five? Drop the least important (to you) grouping(s).

3. Pick a Representative Value

  • Indicate one word within each column of your GROUP AND IDENTIFY TABLE that is the best representation of that grouping of values. 

  • Again, don’t overthink it ― there are no right or wrong answers. You are defining the answer that feels right to you.

4. Add Action

  • Transfer your representative values to the right column of the ADD ACTION TABLE.

  • Then, add a verb to to the left column of the ADD ACTION TABLE, for each value, so you can see what it looks like as an actionable core value.

  • Think carefully about the action that will help you keep your value as an active practice in your life.

  • (You may need to adjust the grammatical form of your representative value to better fit your verb.)

5. Prepare to Share

  • Plan to share back your value list in our next session.
    (And how the process was for you!)


Letter from the Future
What will your contribution be?

Imagine yourself at ninety years old, having lived a full life with a personally fulfilling career (whatever that means to you!)

Write a letter to the “you of today” from the “you of the future.” 

1. Write Your Letter

  • Describe everything you have 
accomplished in your personal life and 
work, how that growth makes you feel, 
and of what you are most proud.

Allow your vision to paint a mental picture of your life in the future. Focus on what matters most to you, what you stand for, and who you are committed to becoming. Let your imagination flow — tap into a creative spirit.
(See KHP example.)

2. Prepare to Share

  • Plan to share however much of your letter you are comfortable with in our next session.
    (Again, share your process if you’d like!)

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