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Session 2

Just the Right Amount of Human

Further explore the importances of authentic vulnerability, and how lessons from the Uncanny Valley can help us strengthen our leadership, and foster collaboration in our organizations.


Take an honest look at how you show up as an authentically vulnerable leader, fostering collaboration.


Pay attention to each of the following areas as you go about your week:

  • Approach conflict as a collaborator, not an adversary.

  • Speak human to human.

  • Counter group think with curiosity, and space to explore.

  • Ask for feedback (including on your delivery.)

  • How do you show up in each area?
    (Perhaps ask a coworker for feedback.)


In which area do you feel you are strongest?

  • Consider how you can further elevate.
    In what way can you amplify this superpower?


Which of the areas comes hardest for you?

  • How can you actively nurture this as a new superpower?

  • Commit to a personal growth plan.
    Perhaps seek an accountability partner — another opportunity for feedback!

Journal on your reflections as you address each point. Prepare to share back at our next session.

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