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Finding North 6


Mapping Growth

We explored the challenges 
and opportunities in driving organizational change, and leading generatively for greater thrivability. Under the umbrella of your personal purpose, we set up the challenge to map a specific growth plan of action, inspired by Frederic Laloux's organizational interpretation of Wilbur's four-quadrant framework.


Create a Growth Plan of Action

Always anchoring in your purpose...

  • Define the most important commitment you’d like to explore, within your leadership platform.

  • Accompany this commitment with two growth statements — interior and exterior.

    • Consider how you can invite followership and create the kind of impact that is important to you.

  • Use the lens of the growth quadrant to guide you! (Use our template or create your own format.)

A good guardrail: it’s not about centering yourself as a leader, but rather — following the center.

We’ll plan to work on the lower half of the quadrant together, but please make notes of any thoughts that might arise.

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