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Team Identity Exploration x Declaration

Group Size

up to 50




Building Your Brand Persona

To build a strong leadership team you need to know who you are, what you stand for, why that matters, and where you are going. This is true for leaders and even more true for organizations.

A purpose-led, strategically aligned brand foundation is a baseline expectation from employees, partners, and customers today. And yet, so many companies and teams haven't had the space or made the time to explore, refresh, and ultimately land these fundamentals in a way that is authentic, and provides room to innovate and grow.

*Hybrid Model

  • [3] virtual sessions (1.5 - 2.5 hrs) plus

  • [2] in-person sessions (1/2 to full day)

Crafting Your Brand Story, Together

The LC provides freedom within a framework to collectively mine your team's knowledge and the important ground you have already covered. We can then align to provide a scaffold for what's to come and develop a strategic springboard to carry you forward now. All while bringing your leaders — both legacy and fresh to the team — with you.

Clients tell us that the process is as important as the outcome when they do this collaborative, catalyzing work. It uniquely helps you build (or sharpen) meaning-rich, purpose-driven identity. And in doing so generates a goal-driven focus, which becomes a kind of "internal compass" for action. Perhaps most importantly it creates engaging clarity around you, leading to more visibility, respect and recognized value for your organization, and for your team.

The LC provides thoughtful facilitation and pulse-based synthesis along the way, allowing you as the leadership team to fully participate and engage in the work. Together your team will co-author the six key elements of a brand persona:

  • Backstory

  • Values 

  • Mission

  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Positioning


"I believe every team should commit to this type of investment. The final result is so worth it!"


Kerri Hoyt Pack

Kerri has thirty+ years of experience in brand marketing, with a focus on mining strategic consumer insights, forging innovative partnerships and elevating messaging with cross-platform, consumer-right integration. Kerri got her start in the ad business, including pivotal early days at Wieden + Kennedy and then a seven year stint consulting and running a wilderness lodge in SE Alaska. Kerri ultimately landed at Nike, where she held a variety of key leadership roles over fifteen years, including launching NikeWomen, forging Integrated Retail Marketing and leading brand comms for the Beijing ’08 Olympics (while living with her family in Shanghai).

Kerri Hoyt Pack
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