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The magic of our team transformation work happens in small groups, all committing to an extensive journey of growth and learning. To help more teams during this season of rewiring/restarting/reimagining, we are now offering an accelerated “Team Renewal” opportunity. In a focused-month's time, meeting 1x per week for three weeks, we'll level up together around three specific topics of your choice. We will culminate this engaging experience with a team workshop that both synthesizes learning and celebrates team culture. ("Part Two" outlined below).

Team Renewal

Create New Levels of Trust, while Building for the Now & the Next


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I loved that it reframed what leadership can mean and proved that a different approach from a traditional leadership style can be more effective in getting results and creating a positive work culture.

Designed to Inspire & Engage

We closely partner with you to facilitate authentic team connection and enrichment every step of the way — making space for and providing the rare opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of each other and how we can work together more effectively. Every session features applied practice, where we put concepts to work for real world situations. Weekly sessions and workshop are inclusive of dynamic and highly-experienced facilitation, and premium, inspiring materials designed to reinforce session learning. Group sizes from 3-30 can be accommodated.​​

Part One

Select three of the following Evolved Leadership topics, which will be held in consecutive weekly 2.5-hour synchronous sessions.


Becoming Generative Leaders
Modeling Vulnerability

Learning to Listen
Redefining Power
Unlocking Compassion
Fostering Bravery

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Part Two

Bespoke team workshop, synthesizing and lifting full team experience.

  • Conducted via 1 day in person OR two 2.5-hour virtual sessions

  • Solidifies Evolved Leadership learnings and/or introduces 4th leadership subject

  • Customized to reflect team-specific learnings and feedback from Part One programming

  • Celebrates team


While we recommend a specific pacing of learning, we can customize programming based on your team's needs. Although we primarily conduct virtual leadership sessions, conditions providing, we can also “come to you” (at your offices, or off-site). Or, pending size and needs of your group, we can potentially host your team in at our headquarters in Portland, OR.


  • Facilitated learning, inspired theory, large group discussion, and small group breakouts

  • Personalized programming, reflecting team-specific learnings
    and feedback

  • Pre-session intake: Selective 15 min 1x1 phone explorations with team members to inform our engagement

  • Tailored group post-session survey

  • Synthesized follow up of survey and entire experience findings

2022 participant
Focused Leadership Experience

Want to learn more?

  • Center learning around twelve key Evolved Leadership attributes

  • Inspire through story

  • Share insights from a range of culturally relevant & diverse thought leaders

  • Intentionally build trust and deepen connection

  • Keep us all moving, together

The LC Method

More Ways to Engage


Personal Development

individual mentorship

Bespoke Workshops

Immersive, inspirational
team experiences
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