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Team Growth

Build Enduring Trust & Connection

We design transformative experiences that inspire meaningful change and drive stronger collaboration across all levels of an organization. We focus on shifting perspective, and ultimately, a collective evolution of beliefs and behavior.

Want to learn more?

We are happy to answer any questions, further explain our framework, and help determine the approach most suited to your needs. Contact us at the link below to let us know you're interested, and we'll take it from there. 

How it Works

From one-off, stand-alone sessions, to a seasonal or virtual series, we offer rich, powerfully engaging experiences anchored in story-led leadership theory. While we work through the lens of ten Evolved Leadership dimensions, every session is uniquely crafted for your team. 


Learning Series

You pick the experience that's right for your team.
Click through below to learn more.

Facilitating immersive experiences that connect people within a core team to new ideas and each other is our signature offering. We also do the heavy-yet-rewarding lift of shifting culture by cultivating lateral trust across teams. 


Team Workshops

We specialize in facilitating “people-first” in-person team workshops that both inspire and engage. Our original curriculum and progressive points of reference, combined with custom integration and thoughtful facilitation, creates meaningful, memorable impact.


Virtual Learning Series

Forged during a pandemic business pivot, we offer a remarkable virtual learning model relevant for all teams. While we know many are ‘screen wary/weary,’ we invite you to learn how we use a digital platform to accomplish next-level impact.


A full-hearted thank you for the LC and the work we did together. If I could, I would make this a weekly part of my life from now until forever.

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