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Focused Mentorship

Working through the lens of our ten dimensions of Evolved Leadership, The LC offers human-centered individual mentorship. The focus is on topic-specific personal growth, though each session can be tailored organically to client needs. Our perspectives are drawn from our change-agency work and past experience in leading teams, developing individuals, and sparking new thinking.

Easy to Book

We are happy to offer an initial 15-minute complimentary conversation if needed, in order to provide a base-level framework and to determine the approach most suited to your needs. Please send us an email at the link below to let us know you're interested, and we'll take it from there. Thanks!

Active Listening

Better appreciate this foundational “empathy effect” on leadership — learn to listen better and earn listenership for yourself.

Authentic Vulnerability

Better understand vulnerability as a leadership strength and explore the major difference between using vulnerability and BEING vulnerable. Learn to trigger a vulnerability loop in order to build authentic connection. 

Rethinking Strength & Power

Reframe power and how it’s held, moving to a spirit of abundance versus scarcity.

Leading with Compassion

Tap the revolutionary power of
this leadership attribute in all its dimensions, and practice what sets it apart from empathy.

Holistic Balance

Explore a broader notion of balance in the workplace, including understanding the "experience of time" through a lens of magnitude. Build a practice around the vital balance of work and rest and learn to find your "white space" as you set holistic boundaries and foster flow.

Building Trust, Together

Tap into the art and science of nurturing relational trust to build community and a culture of belonging. Learn more about the "eroders and signals of trust," as well as the neuroscience as you embrace and grow into this cultivator leadership attribute.

Personal Development Topics

Brand of Me

A pivotal and personally-moving growth opportunity for all levels of leaders, this seven-week journey of discovering and developing your individual brand persona provides opportunity for a harmonic internal shift — matching what people do and how they lead, with what they believe.

Offered as individual or
team experience.


A six-session journey of personal leadership exploration and growth.
Sessions conducted every other week via virtual 50-minute sessions with The LC founder, Kerri Hoyt-Pack. 

ngagements consist of two of the following session topics.

Series can be customized to include general career and leadership advice.


Personal Development

Scholarship Availability

We have set specific time aside each month to provide members of underrepresented communities and historically marginalized groups consultation at no charge. Learn more about our commitment to equity.


NOTE - Scholarship applications are currently closed for this quarter, as all scholarship positions have been filled.

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