Personal Consultation

Flexible Format

We work with individuals, pairs, or triads in a one-off or series-based, goal-driven format. Conversations are generally rooted (and priced) based on either mentorship or strategic marketing guidance/industry knowledge sharing. Sessions can be conducted in person or via virtual sessions.

Offering Mentorship for Individuals and Small Leadership Teams

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The LC opens offers direct consultation, including general career, branding, and leadership advice. We would love to connect with you regarding your personal goals and journey in work and life.

Unique Background, Seasoned Advice

Our perspectives are drawn from our change-agency work and past experience in leading teams, developing individuals, and sparking new thinking.

Easy to Book

We are happy to offer an initial 30-minute complimentary conversation if needed, in order to provide a base-level framework and to determine the approach most suited to your needs.

Scholarship Availability

We have set specific time aside each week to provide members of underrepresented communities consultation at no charge. Learn more about our commitment to equity.

Note: scholarship applications are currently closed for Spring quarter,
as all scholarship positions have been filled.


Develop Leaders Within and Across Organizations


Inspire Groups Through Story