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Unlocking Compassion

Unlocking Compassion

What We Study

We’ll see compassion as a crucial power skill, and understand empathy as the attribute prime of successful leaders. We’ll add action to the equation to turn that empathy into compassion, and to create boundaries and space for self care. 

Embracing that we are profoundly care-taking as a species, we’ll actively practice “rewriting” stories with compassion, learning specific tools to do so. Critically, we’ll also understand the key need for self-compassion as a positive step into power.

A rich understanding of the need to build a practice of compassion, starting by educating the heart — and giving leaders the tools to unlock it for themselves, as well as their teams.

This key dimension of leadership is one of ten specific attributes through which we grow great leaders. Whether you are interested for yourself, or your team (or both!) we offer profoundly effective avenues for growth.

Team Workshops

We specialize in facilitating “people-first” in-person team workshops that both inspire and engage. Our original curriculum and progressive points of reference, combined with custom integration and thoughtful facilitation, creates meaningful, memorable impact.


Virtual Learning Series

Forged during a pandemic business pivot, we offer a remarkable virtual learning model relevant for all teams. While we know many are ‘screen wary/weary,’ we invite you to learn how we use a digital platform to accomplish next-level impact.


Personal Development

Working through the lens of our ten dimensions of Evolved Leadership, we offer human-centered individual mentorship, addressing specific leadership challenges, igniting meaningful growth, and lifting with integrity.


So many concepts have stuck with me - learning to listen, non-violent communication, empathy vs compassion and bravery. It’s going to change my approach to leading with courage, in addition to compassion.

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