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Generative Leadership

Generative Leadership

What We Study

Honoring the past and the future, we examine how generativity is grounded in ideas of servant leadership and stewardship. We’ll look specifically at: 

  • Creating more value than we consume — cultivating fertile ground to manifest new possibilities. 

  • How and why generative leaders have often been lost to history, and why this matters.

  • The importance of tying success to a purpose, not a person.

  • Committing to finding the bigger cause as a leader, centering in care. 

  • Stewarding the health of the whole, in all its potential.

An old idea for a new time, rooted in a long-term view. We explore actively sharing power and accountability, while centering in a caring spirit of learning and adaption.

This key dimension of leadership is one of ten specific attributes through which we grow great leaders. Whether you are interested for yourself, or your team (or both!) we offer profoundly effective avenues for growth.

Team Workshops

We specialize in facilitating “people-first” in-person team workshops that both inspire and engage. Our original curriculum and progressive points of reference, combined with custom integration and thoughtful facilitation, creates meaningful, memorable impact.


Virtual Learning Series

Forged during a pandemic business pivot, we offer a remarkable virtual learning model relevant for all teams. While we know many are ‘screen wary/weary,’ we invite you to learn how we use a digital platform to accomplish next-level impact.


Personal Development

Working through the lens of our ten dimensions of Evolved Leadership, we offer human-centered individual mentorship, addressing specific leadership challenges, igniting meaningful growth, and lifting with integrity.


The experience takes team members out of their day-to-day ritual and into a more reflective context. It promotes more thoughtful leadership, which we all need more of.

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