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Becoming a Builder

Becoming a Builder

What We Study

Putting it all together and coming full circle from generativity, we’ll explore what it means to be a builder in an era of so much dismantling and change. We’ll explore the role of the creative process, as well as the power of habit, as we embrace buildership as a key leadership and personal attribute. 

Together, we’ll step into transformational leadership and constructivism, showing the ‘why’ and seeing ahead to a positive outcome for our teams, and for our world, as we build better organizations for our future.

A rich and full view of what it means to be transformative and embrace constructivism as a leader. Find the courage to drive cultural change and actively build cultures of belonging and facilitate learning instead of directing it.

This key dimension of leadership is one of ten specific attributes through which we grow great leaders. Whether you are interested for yourself, or your team (or both!) we offer profoundly effective avenues for growth.

Team Workshops

We specialize in facilitating “people-first” in-person team workshops that both inspire and engage. Our original curriculum and progressive points of reference, combined with custom integration and thoughtful facilitation, creates meaningful, memorable impact.


Virtual Learning Series

Forged during a pandemic business pivot, we offer a remarkable virtual learning model relevant for all teams. While we know many are ‘screen wary/weary,’ we invite you to learn how we use a digital platform to accomplish next-level impact.


Personal Development

Working through the lens of our ten dimensions of Evolved Leadership, we offer human-centered individual mentorship, addressing specific leadership challenges, igniting meaningful growth, and lifting with integrity.


This was one of the most meaningful ways I’ve connected with a group of coworkers through deliberate practice. We had the opportunity to connect on a deeper level and get to know one another without it feeling forced.

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