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A Generative Way Forward



Creating Holistic Balance,
for Ourselves and Our Teams

Through this collaborative work, we'll work to design for a high EQ and set holistic leadership intentions together. Transformation is underway and there is no better time to encourage a more well-rounded engagement model in our teams.

When you’re leading well, no matter your role, you are giving of yourself — emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.


And whenever you’re giving of yourself, you need a corresponding seasonal space to actually refuel and replenish what’s being taken out of you.

- Bec Heinrich



We'll collectively explore the current reality and learn what's at stake for all of us and each of us, as we seek a healthier equilibrium on many fronts of leadership. 

Better Understanding Balance

To redefine time management we have to think differently about concepts of time through the lens of finitude & magnitude. We'll meet "The Doing Disease" head on and celebrate the notion of wasting time and losing balance. We'll also talk about the key action of setting boundaries.


"Hustle Culture" will have you believing that to rest or pause means you are falling behind. Even in this fast moving world, the opposite is true. Claiming time to replenish allows us to take deeper, longer, more deliberate strides when we are ready to move forward.

- Cleo Wade


  • Conducted via full day in-person sessions (1-2 days) OR virtually across two 2.5 hour micro-workshops

  • Customized to reflect team specific learnings and feedback from pre-session intake (selective 15-min 1x1 phone explorations with team members to inform our engagement) and inclusion of pre-session client inputs (engaging and fun 'pre-session homework' is required for this workshop)

  • Strategically synthesized, with post-session follow up. Ensures key workshop learnings and findings have a clear path to action (includes tailored group surveys, focused recap of workshop, and survey results)

The LC Method

  • Center learning around twelve key Evolved Leadership attributes

  • Inspire through story

  • Share insights from a range of culturally relevant & diverse thought leaders

  • Intentionally build trust and deepen connection

  • Keep us all moving, together

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