Evolved Leadership

Twelve Dimensions, One Goal

The LC's practical-yet-powerful platform to drive change, is rooted in twelve specific dimensions of a great leader. These are the qualities that aren't always prioritized, and often diminished, in today's business culture.

Through rich inspiration and active learning, we engage teams and individuals in new understanding of these attributes and create opportunity to build upon their own leadership practice.

The topics below* are the lenses through which we teach Evolved Leadership, offering connection and inspiration. We facilitate deep learning through a variety of learning models, to suit both teams and individuals.

*Hover over the blocks - or click - for more information and inspiration behind each Evolved Leadership dimension. A dotted border indicates a topic still in development.

Fostering Bravery

Join us in expanding the meaning of strength as it relates to leadership behavior. Specifically, explore how bravery is a form of strength that can look and feel very different, while better understanding that restricting our notions of this attribute and its dimensions can be limiting for all of us.

to Listen

Embark on an important journey of better appreciating the empathy effect on leadership and how active listening and sharing authentic stories creates deeper and more sustainable connection.

Generative Leadership

Learn to thoughtfully cultivate individuals and teams, and appreciate the key leadership role of giving order to a group’s dispersion of power, while recognizing where privilege might be rooted.

Modeling Vulnerability

Redefining Power

Reframe power and how it’s held, moving to a spirit of abundance versus scarcity. We will rethink this leadership attribute of strength, as it relates to hierarchies and default standards of power.

Unlocking Compassion

Join us in a rich learning opportunity that taps the revolutionary power of this leadership attribute in all its dimensions, and how practicing and teaching compassion starts with educating the heart.

Finding Balance

Explore the transformational power of designing holistic workplaces. Learn the power of balancing mind, heart, spirit, and body in ourselves and in our workplace culture.

Cultivating Joy

Uncover the unexpected foundational leadership quality of joy, and the referent power of its overarching attribute of purpose.

a Builder

Together, we'll create a rich and full view of what it means to be transformative as a leader, and define what buildership looks and feels like.

with Purpose

Consider how purpose and passion fit into your role as a leader. Let’s find out how getting your purpose right builds organizational resilience and can better enable you to navigate a complex, volatile, and often ambiguous world. 



Tap the critical leadership quality of relational trust as a form of stewardship. We will better understand that trust requires an investment of the heart and a commitment to meet people where they are. 

Acting with


Let's explore why values matter for effective leadership and understand the power of integrity. Discover the harmonic result of matching what you do with what you believe.

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