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Custom Partnerships

Supercharge Team Engagement

We do our most meaningful and lasting work when we invest in shifting culture systemically, building new practices over time, and holistically integrating these shifts internally and externally. 

Key Elements

  • Personal 1:1 pre-engagement intake with every team member and KHP
  • Personal growth series for every member of your LT
    (up to 4 people per quarter)
  • LEAP team growth toolkits for DIY Continued Learning
  • Top-to-top quarterly advisory calls with KHP (up to 4 people per quarter)
  • Benchmarking with pre and post team surveys

Want to learn more?

We are happy to answer any questions, further explain our framework, and help determine the approach most suited to your needs. Contact us at the link below to let us know you're interested, and we'll take it from there. 

How it Works

  • We partner with you to create a more thorough diagnostic on what your team needs most (and why!).

  • We then work with you to design a longer-term partnership with The LC, including Key Elements most appropriate for your team.

Partnership Example
DIY Team Growth Kits


Our work with The LC had a huge impact on me and greatly affected how I think and experience life now. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true.  It was a two-day immersion where we were all so present, the lessons were meaningful, the examples so relevant and just the right amount of presentations and time to explore.  Hands down amazing!

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