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Cultivating Joy

Uncover the foundational leadership quality of joy, an unexpected referent leadership practice.

Group Size


1 - 2 days

up to 50


A Referent Power Like No Other

Uncover the foundational leadership quality of joy, an unexpected leadership practice that is currently our most requested development topic. 

Together we’ll learn why joy is so vital to our well-being, our cognitive functioning, and highly engaged performance —and why we often hold ourselves back from joy at work. 

A Pathway to Purpose that's Good for Us

Cultivating joy is an antidote to the uncertainty and weariness of the past few years and ultimately, an on-ramp to deeper meaning. We’ll also explore the science behind joy and why it’s pivotal to building a healthy mental immune system. 

Getting to the How

We not only inspire and engage your team through story, we give you tangible tools to put theory into practice.

In this workshop we’ll step through three ways to actively cultivate joy in teams: 

  • Being Responsible to Awe Building a culture of awe

  • Embracing Acceptance Finding meaning from the Stoics

  • Building Generous Connection Exploring the concepts of Ubuntu and “collective effervescence”

Business leaders tend to think a great deal about success, but rarely about joy. Chances are, few are even aware of the joy gap in their organization and the resulting lack of interpersonal connection and team aspiration. That must change. Joy can pack as much practical punch as technology if we allow it to.

- Alex Liu, Kearney Managing Partner


Kerri Hoyt Pack

Kerri has thirty+ years of experience in brand marketing, with a focus on mining strategic consumer insights, forging innovative partnerships and elevating messaging with cross-platform, consumer-right integration. Kerri got her start in the ad business, including pivotal early days at Wieden + Kennedy and then a seven year stint consulting and running a wilderness lodge in SE Alaska. Kerri ultimately landed at Nike, where she held a variety of key leadership roles over fifteen years, including launching NikeWomen, forging Integrated Retail Marketing and leading brand comms for the Beijing ’08 Olympics (while living with her family in Shanghai).

Kerri Hoyt Pack



Cultivating Joy


Really enjoyed our team learning sessions - to be able to see how teammates react to the content, and to be able to get to know one another on a deeper level, really helps create the context and foundation for change.


Our teams are still talking about what a special session this was. Relatable but NEW ways of thinking that are put into practice IN THE ROOM! It was memorable and special but most importantly will move us forward. 


I loved that it reframed what leadership can mean and proved that a different approach from a traditional leadership style can be more effective in getting results and creating a positive work culture.

A Generative Way Forward


Fostering Bravery


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