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Brand of Me



Invest in a pivotal and personally-moving growth opportunity for all levels of leaders.

(Our most requested individual development experience.)

Creating a nurturing space and dedicating time to building one's own brand persona provides opportunity for a harmonic internal shift, matching what people do and how they lead, with what they believe. Richly illustrated with relatable and inspiring stories and elevated by our multi-decade front-line experience of building successful brands, everyone who has completed The LC "Brand of Me" journey tells us that it is life changing, in the best way.
(The bonus? Learning the art and science of crafting a smartly strategic brand plan.)

Freedom within a Framework

This multi-session journey of exploring and authoring a personal brand narrative starts with crafting a Backstory and developing Core Values. In our explorative model, we also offer guidance in writing foundational Mission, Purpose, Vision, and Positioning Statements. Sessions are conducted virtually, with the option to culminate in person pending availability and interest.



Doing this work makes you a better leader because you end up having a sharper understanding of who you are. Since I’ve completed my Brand Portfolio, I have become such an advocate and want to encourage others to discover it for themselves sooner than later.

2022 Participant, Brand of Me

  • Seven sessions of personalized course learning and story development, conducted every other week.

  • Each session is 2.5 hours in length and led by our founder, Kerri Hoyt-Pack. In this format, we learn together as a group with all participating team members, and facilitate engaging and inspiring peer review.

  • Bonus opportunity is enriched team connection, learning about and from each other.

  • Culminates in a personal formalized "presentation" of each member's brand persona, with option to present to other peers and/or a leadership team.



  • Seven sessions of personalized course-learning and story development conducted every other week.

  • Each sessions is 50 min in length and conducted virtually on a 1:1 basis with The LC founder and experienced brand leader Kerri Hoyt-Pack.

  • Culminates in a seventh session, centered on packaging an inspiring presentation of your brand persona with option to "present" your work to peers and/extended leadership teams.

  • Includes meaningful summary of feedback every session and inspiring "homework." (NOTE - this option requires a significant investment of personal reflection time — at least 1 hour every other week outside of session time.)

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