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Summer Workshop

"Brand of Me"
Personal Branding Workshop

Discover the harmony and power of matching what you do (and your personal leadership style) with what you believe.

In this special-offer workshop, we’ll focus on building your Personal Brand. We’ll inspire each other in a full-day Saturday session, focusing on our unique story-led method of engaging and informing. You’ll leave with a complete personal brand portfolio ready to turn into an action plan for yourself — a great roadmap for career and life choices, as well as a powerful tool to help position yourself for specific opportunities ahead (career and otherwise). Our session will include a great blend of inspiring learning and personalized group connection.

Saturday, August 21

9 am - 3 pm


We'll meet in person at the light-filled southeast Portland Liberty Collective office space. Kerri Hoyt-Pack, founder of The Liberty Collective, will personally facilitate, along with the support of the LC partners.
(We can't wait to meet you!)



Click the Purchase Ticket button below to register. Once complete, you will receive a follow-up invitation to join the session via LinkedIn Events, where we will communicate leading up to and throughout our session. Can't wait!


At the Liberty Collective, we stand for purposeful inclusion and build environments where all can feel safe, welcomed, valued, with the opportunity to form meaningful connections with others and for themselves. 

We are offering one equity-based scholarship position, open to those that are BIPOC, from LGBTQ+ communities, or people with disabilities and neurodiverse individuals are invited to apply here. One applicant will be selected and notified ASAP.

Cost  $480 per person
(discounted rate for our Wing Women community)


If available to you, we encourage you to seek sponsorship from your company for this development opportunity.

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