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Bespoke Workshops

Accelerate Community Building
& Explore New Concepts Together

The LC specializes in facilitating custom "people-first" workshops that both inspire and engage. Our freshly curated and original curriculum combined with thoughtful, personal touches creates meaningful and memorable impact. This is a great way to either kick off or close a virtual learning series with The LC. We can also build an experience as a 1-2 day stand-alone workshop.



Cultivating Joy

Uncover the foundational leadership quality of joy, an unexpected referent leadership practice that is currently our most requested development topic.

Finding Balance

From contextually relevant "pre-work" to dynamic applied learning breakout sessions and all the way through post-survey response synthesis, we actively build interpersonal trust and connection. The impact on individual leaders and team culture is both authentic and sustaining.

The following two subject areas of Evolved Leadership learning and development are currently available.

IMG_9032 2_edited.jpg

We have flexibility with enough notice to work with you and further tailor topics and experiences based on your needs or current team growth platform.

Pending availability and resource, we are happy to travel to you or, pending size of team, we can host you at The Liberty Collective in Portland, OR. The LC can also create deep resonance in a virtual model (recommend two 2.5-hour sessions.)


Explore a more holistically healthy leadership model that better connects and respects our minds, hearts, spirit, and bodies.

I just feel like you and your team are very genuine and come from a really good place with your intentions and I feel like that is truly unique. Not many places out there that have that energy.

The collective learning experience gives teams the opportunity to learn, reflect, grow, and bond together. Its a much needed journey for any new team formation.



The LC is simply the best. Thank you for doing the hard work of growing generative leaders and driving change in challenging industries!


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